“Show your Stuff” Directory

“Show your Stuff” Directory

Initial oak barrel experience

Awhile ago someone shared a link on Home Brew Talk with freshly emptied 15 gallon oak barrels at a reasonable price.  I called the shop to see if any were still available and they said there was only one and

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Show Your Stuff: Jeremy Bloeser

B Squared + Blazer’s Brewhouse  Thanks to a rare vacation day I was able to get in a daytime brew and thus some daylight to capture my brewing process for HAZARD.   Here’s my basic system and process for an all

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Show Your Stuff: Thomas Frank

  For the second installment of the “Show Your Stuff” column, I am going to be highlighting my current All-Grain set-up. While a very basic setup, my current configuration consistently nails 82-83% total efficiency and is very easy to use.

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Show Your Stuff: Brian Salapek

I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts here on the website that will showcase the setup and equipment of specific brewers from the club.  I always enjoy looking at beer equipment and I hope you do too! For

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