H.A.Z.A.R.D. Homebrew offers a lot to members of the club.  Our mission is to spread knowledge of homebrewing and craft beer while making each member a better brewer.  Here are a few of the activities and benefits that you can expect from joining the club:

  • Monthly Meetings
    These meetings are usually very casual.  We will meet at a members house and share food and whatever beer we have made recently.  This is a great way to get to know other members and get constructive criticism on your beer.  A lot of knowledge is shared at these meetings even if it seems like a bunch of people just drinking beer together 🙂
  • Group Brew Sessions
    Once or twice a year we host group brew days.  Many members bring their equipment to one location and make a batch of beer.  It is a great way to learn about the differences in each process and piece of equipment.  It’s cool to see how processes may very much be different but still result in great beer!
  • Group Grain and Hop Purchases
    When purchasing ingredients in bulk, everyone is able to save a lot of money.  We are able to order grain (and extract) by the pallet in 50 lb bags.  The price per pound is nearly cut in half when ordering in this fashion.  Hops can be purchased in several pound sizes in the fall after the harvest.
  • Nation-Wide BJCP Homebrew Competition
    Each September we host our BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) and AHA (American Homebrewers’ Association) sanctioned homebrew competition, HAZtoberFest!  We accept entries from all over the United States and judge them based on BJCP standards.
  • Educational Seminars
    Our members each have a lot of important information to share.  Once every so often we will have a member, or a local professional brewer, give a talk on a specific subject.  These can range from how to build a piece of equipment, to how to do a specific brewing technique.
  • Public Pourings
    There are several public events that we are invited to attend each year.  At these events, we share our beer and information about homebrewing with the public.  These events include the Beer on the Bay event, The Gathering at Chaffees, and the Brewer’s Cup contest at The Brewerie.. Members are also encouraged to brew with our fellow brewers at Meadville Brewing Society at Windy Hill Homebrew Shop once a year.
  • Club Compiled Library of Resources
    Through the members of the club, we have compiled a large collection of resources that are available to be borrowed by any member.  There is no need to go buy a specific book since someone already has it.  We have expanded our collection of resources to include equipment as well.
  • Brewery Tours
    We will travel to nearby breweries, attend the tour and sample their beer.

Interested in Joining?  Click Here to fill out a form and become a member!

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  1. Don Maier says:

    We now give each paying member a custom Hazard logo pub glass free for joining. See the image in the photo section. Members may also buy extra glasses at $5 each.

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