HAZtoberfest 2015 Recap!

Another September has come and gone and with it was our annual competition, HAZtoberfest.  This was our third year and I think was the smoothest sailing of the three. We had a total of 163 beers, which is a little less

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2015 Inner-Club Competition: Saisons

As a fun little club activity, we have decided to run an inner-club competition.  For this competition, we will be focusing on a single style: Saison.  Saison traditionally is not a very specific style of beer, it ranges in color,

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H.A.Z.A.R.D. Points!

HAZARD Points is a new club feature, starting in 2015, to promote club participation and community.  These points will be awarded to members for participating in various club activities throughout the year.  At the end of the year, the points

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How to…: Bottle from a Keg

One problem that I ran into when I started kegging was sharing my beer.  Sure, anyone who visits me at home can help themselves but other than that, I was limited to growler fills.  A growler is great to take

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Officer elections

It’s time once again to think about who to nominate for your club officers. These are the people who organize all Hazard’s events so you’ll want to impart your input. Don is not seeking the  President position so, if there

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Happy Holidays!

We have no further events scheduled for this year so that members may spend more time with their families. Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone. I’m counting on seeing each and every one of you again next year.

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Event info

Due to some recent misunderstanding about event listings and registration, Hazards official website (this one) will be the sole venue to gather official details and to register for all future events. Please don’t rely upon Facebook for your info as

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HAZtoberfest 2014!

This past weekend we put on our annual homebrew competition, HAZtoberfest!  This was our second time putting on the event and everything went pretty well.  I just wanted to put together a small write up if anyone was interested in

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Jim McCall’s “Reverse Immersion Chiller”

If you would like to improve your chill rate but don’t want to invest in a plate chiller or don’t really trust that you can get a plate chiller 100% clean after you use it, take a look at my

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Initial oak barrel experience

Awhile ago someone shared a link on Home Brew Talk with freshly emptied 15 gallon oak barrels at a reasonable price.  I called the shop to see if any were still available and they said there was only one and

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This beer is old enough to drink!

A special thanks goes out to Jim McCall for bringing some very vintage beer to May’s club meeting to share! This dusty old bottle was one of Jim’s first batches of homebrew from between 1981-1984.  There were no markings on

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Hazard T Shirts are available.

You may buy yours at the Brewers Cup on Feb. 22nd or at any meeting afterward. We will have 14 extra shirts for sale for anyone who has not yet put in their order. Available sizes are L and XL. Prices are

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Lavery Wort Sale sold out

The wort is sold out. Once Again Lavery Brewing is setting the standard as a people friendly brewery by offering unfermented wort to the public. Anyone may purchase 5 or 10 gallons of base wort on March 8, 2014, between

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Electric Brewery Build, Part 5 -or- IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of the saga if you haven’t already! The morning of the last update, I had finished wiring the heating element and had it installed in the kettle.  I had just a few minutes left

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12 Beers of Christmas Tastings!

This page is dedicated to the 12 Beers of Christmas and will be updated each day with information about each beer on it’s specific day.  Here is the schedule for the beers with links to jump to each specific section

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Electric Brewery Build, Part 4 -or- WE HAVE POWER

Check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the saga if you haven’t already! Things seem like they are *GASP* on schedule with everything.  My next goal with the build is to hook up power and test some stuff with the control

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Electric Brewery Build, Part 3 -or- “Control Panel Comple-ish”

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the saga if you haven’t already! The control panel continues to be the main focus of my attention.  In fact, to get dedicated time to work on it, I have been getting

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Electric Brewery Build, Part 2 -or- “Just Getting Started”

Check out the first post in this series if you haven’t already. I’ve decided that I should jump in head first.  The control panel seems like the most intimidating aspect of all of this, so that is where I am

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Electric Brewery Build, Part 1 -or- “What have I got myself into?!”

It seems like a lot of people are getting into the whole electric brewing thing.  After a few low temperature brews last winter, the idea really hit me hard.  How wonderful would it be to be able to brew INSIDE

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Lavery Wort Pickup

On Saturday, November 16th Jason went to task of brewing up 310 gallons of wort.  The beer was a pretty basic one: 95% English 2-Row 5% English C30L 35 IBUs of Bravo hops at 60 minutes 1.055 OG Starting at

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Learn to Homebrew Day and Christmas Beer Swap

On Saturday, November 2nd we had our monthly meeting to celebrate National “Learn to Homebrew Day” (Yes, it’s a real thing) and did a group brew day at Lavery Brewing.  Much like last year, the weather wasn’t very nice and

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HAZtoberfest 2013 Write Up

I know it’s late, but I wanted to put together a short write up about our first annual BJCP homebrew competition, HAZtoberfest! The event was held on Saturday, September 21st at the BrewErie and lasted from 9 AM until about

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Group Grain Buy: Summer 2013

We have decided to organize another group grain buy!  With everyone ordering grain together, we will all get a great price.  This is not limited to grain though.  Anything on the Sales Book can be ordered.  This buy is NOT

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Show Your Stuff: Jeremy Bloeser

B Squared + Blazer’s Brewhouse  Thanks to a rare vacation day I was able to get in a daytime brew and thus some daylight to capture my brewing process for HAZARD.   Here’s my basic system and process for an all

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Show Your Stuff: Thomas Frank

  For the second installment of the “Show Your Stuff” column, I am going to be highlighting my current All-Grain set-up. While a very basic setup, my current configuration consistently nails 82-83% total efficiency and is very easy to use.

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How To…: Build a Hop Spider

A Hop Spider is a cheap DIY method for straining hops from your wort during your boil.  I recently made a second one, since my first melted.  I’ll explain why my first didn’t work and why this one will hold

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H.A.Z.A.R.D. 12 Beers of Christmas

In Randy Mosher’s book, Radical Brewing, he outlines “The 12 Beers of Christmas” with recipes for each.  All of the beers have a nice holiday flare to them and sound delicious.  As a club, we will be brewing these 12 beers

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2013 Erie Microbrew Festival Write-Up

A special thanks to everyone who was able to come out to the 2013 Erie Microbrew Festival!  We had an amazing table full of great brewers and beers.  Here is the list of who attended and what they brought: Don

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How To…: Build a Single Tap Jockey Box

A big thanks to Greg Wigham for documenting this build and putting together a post for the site!  It’s a really great in depth tutorial.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Parts list: 5 Gallon Igloo

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How To…: Sour Mash

I never had a real interest in sour beers.  There were a few I had tried but decided they weren’t really my thing.  And then one day I read about a style of beer called Berlinner Weisse.  It can be

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How To…: Brewing Beer Simplified

Beer has been a staple of civilization for thousands of years.  Without it, it’s questionable whether people would have given up their nomadic lifestyle and embraced agriculture.  Here is the simplified version of how a few pieces of grain become

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How To…: Four Tap Keezer Build

I bottled beer for years.  I never minded it, it was almost a zen like procedure.  I would listen to music, zone out and within an hour I would have 50+ bottles of delicious beer to stow away.  When getting

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Show Your Stuff: Brian Salapek

I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts here on the website that will showcase the setup and equipment of specific brewers from the club.  I always enjoy looking at beer equipment and I hope you do too! For

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Membership Announcement

MEMBERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT– As some of you may know, we will begin charging a fee of $20.00 per year ($30.00 for married couples) in order to be a member of H.A.Z.A.R.D. Like many other homebrew clubs around the country, we have

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