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HAZtoberfest 2015 Recap!

Another September has come and gone and with it was our annual competition, HAZtoberfest.  This was our third year and I think was the smoothest sailing of the three.


We had a total of 163 beers, which is a little less than last year, but only by 10-15 entries.  They were mixed and matched to create 13 scoring categories.  Again, we had custom medals made for the event, which were significantly larger than last year’s.


To handle all these entries, we had a total of 20 judges and 8 stewards.  The room we pretty much maxed out with this many people, so I don’t think we will be trying actively to have the competition get any larger!  I think the largest improvement over previous year’s was a cooler system that limited the number of trips up and down the stairs by stewards.  This not only saved time, but got the stewards more involved in the judging, since they were at the tabled a lot more.



The initial judging wrapped up a little earlier than expected and the Best of Show round went quickly as well.  I did not envy the decision the judges needed to make; narrowing the 13 beers down must have been very difficult.


All in all, HAZARD and MBS had a good showing in the awards ceremony:

  • Donald Dombrowski took a 2nd place Amber and Dark Lagers and an Honorable Mention for English Pale, Scottish, German Wheat/Rye.
  • Chris Page took a 3rd place in the IPAs.
  • Jillian Orr took a 3rd place in the Light and Amber Hybrids
  • Brian Salapek took a 1st in American Ales and a 2nd in IPAs
  • Bill Temple Jr and Sara Temple took home a 1st in Belgian Ales
  • Sam Weaver took a 1st in English Pale, Scottish, German Wheat/Rye ales.

Also, a special thank you goes out to the club members who volunteered!


  • Don Maier
  • Chris Page
  • Jim McCall
  • Bill Zona
  • Brian Milford
  • Mike Barrett
  • Don Dombrowski


  • Rick Dibbel
  • Jill Orr
  • Matt Smith
  • Bill Temple
  • Sara Temple
  • Sherie Zona

Thanks everyone!  I’m already looking forward to next year!



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  1. John OBrien says:

    Great Job! Thanks to everyone that made this happen. Sorry i didn’t make it in this year but it looks like it was a great success. Thanks again.

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