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2015 Inner-Club Competition: Saisons

As a fun little club activity, we have decided to run an inner-club competition.  For this competition, we will be focusing on a single style: Saison.  Saison traditionally is not a very specific style of beer, it ranges in color, alcohol and flavor widely.  Historically, it would be brewed using whatever was available locally depending on the season, so the beer would change significantly throughout the year.  Because of this, we will break down our competition into three categories of Saison:

  • Light Saison
  • Dark Saison
  • “Terroir” Saison

Terrior is refering to using local ingredients that reflect the location and season.  This should be a nice, fun category for anyone looking to experiment with their beer.  A good article on Saisons and using local ingredients can be found in the July/August 2014 issue of Zymurgry Magazine.

We will be awarding a winning beer for each category as well as a Best of Show beer who will take home a very nice prize 🙂  The judging will take place at our July 19th meeting.  Each entry will require two 12-ounce bottles to be provided for judging.

Register to participate in this event:

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3 comments on “2015 Inner-Club Competition: Saisons
  1. Don Maier says:

    Sorry but I entered for 2 different Saisons. I don’t seem to have any left of the one batch so I’ll just be bringing one.

  2. Don Maier says:

    How will we work out the judging for this if someone wants to enter and judge?

  3. Don Maier says:

    I can supply the award ribbons for this event.

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