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Officer elections

It’s time once again to think about who to nominate for your club officers. These are the people who organize all Hazard’s events so you’ll want to impart your input. Don is not seeking the ┬áPresident position so, if there are no objections, Brian (the VP) will assume that position and Michelle will remain as treasurer. In this scenario, we would be electing a Vice president only.

If you would like to nominate different people for the aforementioned positions please nominate them by commenting below who it is and for which position. With nominations, we will then hold elections. New terms begin on January 1st.

Thank you,

The Admin staff

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5 comments on “Officer elections
  1. hotshotelmo says:

    Elections! I approve. Belatedly. I’ve just been used to Hazard’s communications on FB and need to check the website more. I do like the FB posts and hope we can continue to receive important info there.

  2. Don Maier says:

    Elections are finished. Your officers are: President – Brian Salapek, Vice President – Chris Page, Secretary/Treasurer – Michelle Greenlee
    Feel free to approach any one of them with your suggestions, questions, or concerns for the club.

  3. Don Maier says:

    I nominate Jim McCall for VP; Brian; Pres. and Michelle; Treasurer.

  4. chris says:

    I nominate chris page for VP.

  5. page says:

    As I said on the Facebook page I nominate Brian Salapek for president and would keep Michelle Greenlee as treasurer.

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