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Jim McCall’s “Reverse Immersion Chiller”

If you would like to improve your chill rate but don’t want to invest in a plate chiller or don’t really trust that you can get a plate chiller 100% clean after you use it, take a look at my “Reverse Immersion Chiller”. Just as fast and just as cold as a plate chiller. And the best part is if you already have a pump, a stainless immersion chiller or a stainless jockey box coil you won’t need much of an investment. You may be able to use a copper coil, but, I like to leave PBW or Star San in the coil for storage and that won’t work with copper.

The schematic:chillerSo, here’s the idea. Basically, it is what it sounds like. You simply run the wort through the coil while immersing the coil in a cold water bath with a constant flow of fresh cold water. My test with only water confirmed my theory. It will chill 200 degree water down to the low 60s (if you like) in a matter of minutes.  The ground water used was at 54 degrees.  While running, I had adjusted the flow of both the cold water and the “wort water” to achieve the best results.  The cold water hose was throttled way back but eventually turned up.  The wort pump was reduced a little bit as I was afraid of back pressure on the silicon lines but not really very much.  In fact, I had turned it all away up at the end.

The coil inside the pot showing the connections.

The outside of the pot with the connections for the wort input and output.

The temperature of the input water.

Running the “Reverse Immersion Chiller”.

The temperature of the output water!

From Jim’s water test, it looks like this is a really effective method.  To me, it looks like a mix between and immersion and counter flow chiller methods.  Thanks for the great write up, Jim!

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