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This beer is old enough to drink!

A special thanks goes out to Jim McCall for bringing some very vintage beer to May’s club meeting to share!

This dusty old bottle was one of Jim’s first batches of homebrew from between 1981-1984.  There were no markings on the bottle so we really had no idea what it was.


To top it off, he also brought a bottle of La Fin Du Monde from the mid 90’s.  Based on the “Best By” Date, we thought it was in the range of 1993-1995.


In either case, it was best to open the bottles over the sink, just in case of a gusher.  Neither one had a problem though.  The homebrew did foam over very slowly and had some crud on the top of the foam.


The bottom side of the cap showed Coke logos printed on it.


Surprisingly, the homebrew held up very good.  It had a great sweetness to it that was reminiscent of butterscotch.  For a 30+ year old low gravity batch of beer made with extract, it was amazing how well it aged.  There was plenty of oxidation but that’s to be expected.


The La Fin Du Monde, even being 10 years younger, did not hold up nearly as well.  It seemed to have darkened considerably and was just off.  It was not bad, but definitely was not right.  You would not have guessed it was a Belgian Tripel, let alone a world-class example of the style.

IMG_1731A special thanks to Jim for sharing these beers with us in the club.  It was a special surprise to have at yesterday’s meeting.


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