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Lavery Wort Pickup


On Saturday, November 16th Jason went to task of brewing up 310 gallons of wort.  The beer was a pretty basic one:

95% English 2-Row
5% English C30L

35 IBUs of Bravo hops at 60 minutes

1.055 OG


Starting at 3 PM, people came to the brewery with their carboys or buckets in tow to get some of the wort.  It had all been sold to local homebrewers and was sold out quickly.  The idea is that each brewer will do something different to their wort and all end up with different beers, from the same starting point.  Lavery will also be hosting a competition for the resulting beers in February and crowing a winner in 4 different categories, as well as a best of show beer.


People were able to pick up their wort from 3 – 6 PM.  I arrived right at 3 and a line was quickly developing.  It was great to see all the brewers anxious to fill their fermenters.

Thanks again to Jason for setting this event up.  It was a great success!

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