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HAZtoberfest 2013 Write Up


I know it’s late, but I wanted to put together a short write up about our first annual BJCP homebrew competition, HAZtoberfest!

The event was held on Saturday, September 21st at the BrewErie and lasted from 9 AM until about 4 PM with two rounds of judging.  The final tally was 124 beers entered!  We had 14 judges, 11 of which were BJCP certified, and 7 stewards helping the day go smoothly.


With no experience of how a competition works, let alone how to run one, I had my hands full.  We had to organize all the entries in extremely limited cooler space and get them to the judges with a nice flow in order to keep them drinking, and allow the beer to achieve proper temperature.  Our stewards all did an amazing job and I thank them so very much for their dedication and support.

At the end of the day, we had judged beer that was combined into 12 different categories.  The winning beer from each category advanced to the Best of Show round where a panel of three of our best judges, Tim Collins, Terry Felton and Jessica Chaffee, went to task to pick the best of the best.  I do not envy their having to make a decision on the matter.


The winner was a seasonal favorite by all who tried it, a Pumpkin Ale brewed by David Heuser from Elyria, Ohio.  He has the opportunity to brew this beer at the BrewErie and have it served commercially!  Hopefully he takes advantage of this and we all can have this amazing beer on a larger scale!

All winning beers are posted on the website: http://brewcompetition.hazardhomebrewing.org/ and the score sheets and prizes have been mailed to all who entered beer.


HAZARD had a great showing with a total of 8 winning beers!  Here is the list of HAZARD winners:

  • Donald Dombrowski – 1st Place (of 11) in the Amber Lager, Dark Lager and Bock category with his Oktoberfest.
  • Brian Salapek – 1st Place (of 7) in the Light Hybrid and Amber Hybrid category with his Dusseldorf Alt.
  • Brian Salapek – 3rd Place (of 7) in the Light Hybrid and Amber Hybrid category with his Light Rye Pale Ale.
  • Brian Salapek – 3rd Place (of 16) in the American, English, Scottish and Irish Ales category with his Citra Pale Ale.
  • Michelle and Brian Greenlee – 3rd Place (of 16) in the IPA category with their English IPA.
  • Kevin Habursky – 3rd Place (of 11) in the English Brown, Porter and Stout category with his Imperial Stout.
  • Chris Page – 2nd Place (of 9) in the Specialty category with his Gruit.
  • Kevin Habursky – 1st Place (of 12) in the Belgian & French Ales and Sours category with his Fruit Lambic


I am extremely happy with how the event was run and look forward to doing it again next year.  I had learned a lot from doing this and with the experience, and comments from judges (which most of were very positive) we have a great stepping stone to make it even better next year.

On top of thanks to our volunteers, I also have to thank all of the sponsors who donated prizes for brewers.  The list can be found here: http://brewcompetition.hazardhomebrewing.org/sponsors  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support these awesome com  panies and if you feel so inclined to tell them “thank you” for supporting us, I am sure they would appreciate it.

Thanks everyone who helped make this event a success!



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