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Show Your Stuff: Jeremy Bloeser


B Squared + Blazer’s Brewhouse

 Thanks to a rare vacation day I was able to get in a daytime brew and thus some daylight to capture my brewing process for HAZARD.   Here’s my basic system and process for an all grain brew where I typically get around 70-72% efficiency.

First I heat my H2O in a 20 gallon pot from Sams Club on a heavy duty banjo burner from Agri Supply that Don Dombrowski uses and turned me on to, great at handling the weight of a big pot.


Here is my mash tun a 50 quart cooler with a stainless steel mesh tube lined inside with a CPVC tube cut with slits.  There seems to be very little to no deadspace using this cooler and the CPVC helps keep the stainless steel from being crushed.


I added this angle iron to the lid to give is a place to rest and I think this awesome pitcher came from GFS across from Best Buy in Erie.


Here is my MLT with grain and water and the stainless steel spoon I picked up at Caplans in Waterford.

I about hit my temp target of 153 degreesimage016

With the hot liquor in the pot I begin to clean out my counterflow chillerimage018


Collected first runningsimage022

Boil in full effect.  One issue with this pot is I get almost too much boil off so I over sparge to counteract.image024

My hop additions ready and a spray bottle with H20 to prevent boilover.image026

Here I am stage two cleaning the counterflow with Starsanimage028

Boil done, time to cool.  My counterflow in action and a filter made for homebrewing diesel but food grade keeping trub out of my fermenter.image030



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