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Show Your Stuff: Thomas Frank



For the second installment of the “Show Your Stuff” column, I am going to be highlighting my current All-Grain set-up. While a very basic setup, my current configuration consistently nails 82-83% total efficiency and is very easy to use.

I converted over to All Grain brewing in June of 2012 and purchased much of the equipment from Northern Brewer.  I use a 10 gallon Rubbermaid cooler as my mash tun with a 12″ stainless steel false bottom and  3/8″ barb fittings.  In addition to the 10 gal cooler, I use a smaller 7 gallon Rubbermaid cooler as my hot liquor tank.

Stainless False Bottom


Equipment set-up and a few of my medals/trophies

In addition to the Rubbermaid coolers, I currently use a 15-gallon Northern Brewer Megapot with a 1/2″ stainless ball valve and a Blichmann Brewmometer Thermometer. I also use a Blichmann Floor Burner with the upgraded 24″ leg extensions. My wort chiller is a custom made behemoth designed and built by our very own Greg Wigham (Thanks Greg, you’re the man!).

My entire system is gravity fed and relies on good ole elbow grease to lift and transport each piece of equipment throughout the brewing process.



15-Gallon Megapot and Blichmman Burner


Dark Mild – NHC Batch First Runnings


Monster Wort Chiller


Like many homebrewers, what started out as a small group of equipment has turned into a room-full of kegs, carboys, bottles, grain bins, etc. I utilize an old fridge as my lagering/kegging chamber.


Beer Fridge!


My current kegging setup consists of two 5-gallon ball lock kegs and a dual double gauge regulator with a new 5 lb. aluminum tank from Midwest Supplies.

In addition to the equipment show above, the other major pieces of my brewhouse consist of:



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  1. Brian Salapek says:

    Thanks for the write up Thomas! I love those Blichmann burners with the leg extensions, they look so cool!

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