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H.A.Z.A.R.D. 12 Beers of Christmas

In Randy Mosher’s book, Radical Brewing, he outlines “The 12 Beers of Christmas” with recipes for each.  All of the beers have a nice holiday flare to them and sound delicious.  As a club, we will be brewing these 12 beers to share with one another.  It may be a little early to be talking about this now but some of these beers are high gravity and could need some time to condition.   Here is a list of the beers:


1) Caramel Quadrupel  – Jim McCall
2) Spiced Cherry Dubbel – Timothy Adams
3) Spiced Dunkel Weizenbock – Brian Salapek
4) Juniper Rye Bock – Greg Wigham
5) Fruitcake Old Ale  – Chris Konieczny
6) Saffron Tripel – Jeff McCullor and Steve Anthony
7) Christmas Gruit  – Chris Page
8) Honey Ginger IPA  – Jeremy Bloeser
9) Crabapple Lambicky Ale – Brian Salapek
10) Gingerbread Ale – Nathan Angerett
11) Spiced Bourbon Stout  – Brian and Michelle Greenlee
12) Abbey Weizen  – Don Maier

And here is a link to all the recipes.  Note: Please read the recipes carefully.  Many of them contain a recipe to alter in order to make your beer.  I have provided all recipes as they are in the book.  A couple are given complete freedom with the recipe but contain instructions on spicing it only.  If you have any questions, please ask.

How will it all work?
We will need 12 of our members to each sign up for a specific beer, brew it and bottle it.  Come winter, we will have a meeting where everyone will attend and bring their beer.  There will be a bottle exchange between those who brewed the beer.  Each brewer will give three 12 oz bottles of their beer to every other participating brewer.  You will give away 33 beers and receive 33 beers.  It will also be encouraged to bring a few extra bottles to serve at the meeting so everyone can try them.

How do I sign up for a beer?
If you would like to brew a specific beer, please comment below and I will add names to the list above.  I have all the recipes for these beers and will give them to each brewer if they do not have a copy of Radical Brewing already.



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23 comments on “H.A.Z.A.R.D. 12 Beers of Christmas
  1. Timmer says:

    I’ll take #2, the spiced cherry dubbel. What meeting is this for? So I can make a time line for the brew.

  2. Greg Wigham says:

    Thanks Brian.
    Good job of bringing the HAZARD web site into play.

  3. Don Maier says:

    My recipe says to use a classic Bavarian weizen recipe to make the beer and use an Abbey yeast with additions also, so I have some flexibility. I’ll post my final recipe under the recipes link on our forum. I suggest we all do that.

  4. Greg Wigham says:

    Brian, Any chance of getting a copy of all of the recipes? Or should I buy the book?

    • JustBrewIt says:

      Next months meeting is at my place. I have a copy machine. If Brian will bring his book, those of you brewing for this little adventure are welcome to use my machine for your selected recipe.

  5. page says:

    I’ll do the Christmas Gruit, I will need the recipe though Brian.

  6. JustBrewIt says:

    My top choices are going fast so I will try the Caramel Quadrupel. Going to need the recipe too.
    how much latitude do we have on sticking to the exact recipe?

    • Brian Salapek says:

      Most of the recipes are outlines but with specifics when it comes to the holiday spicing or whatever. Obviously everyone can take liberty with the beers.

  7. thegreenlees says:

    OK, we’ll give the Spiced Bourbon Stout a shot. We don’t have the recipe, so if you can email it to us, we’d appreciate it.

  8. chris says:

    Put me down for fruitcake old ale .

  9. Don Maier says:

    I’m good for the Abbey Weizen. Please send me the recipe and specifics.

  10. jbloeser says:

    I’m in – Honey Ginger IPA, and I’ll need the recipe when you get a chance. I’m assuming we want to stick with the published recipe rather than any of our creative/artistic changes.

  11. nangerett says:

    I want to try the Gingerbread but don’t think I’m quite advanced enough for this.

  12. Greg Wigham says:

    Put me down for the Juniper Rye Bock.
    They all sound good, but that one sounded right up my alley.

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