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Show Your Stuff: Brian Salapek


I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts here on the website that will showcase the setup and equipment of specific brewers from the club.  I always enjoy looking at beer equipment and I hope you do too!

For the first installment, I am going to be showing my equipment and talking about it.  I hope you all enjoy it!

I converted over to All Grain brewing in April of 2012 and put together most of my equipment myself.  I use a 10 gallon Rubbermaid cooler as my mash tun with a stainless steel braid.  This was an easy build and all the equipment came from Lowes.  The ball valve on the front is 3/8″ but 1/2″ would maybe have been a better idea.


A converted keg (keggle) is used as both the HLT and BK on my system.  All equipment added to the keg came from  I cannot recommend them enough.  They are such a fantastic company.  The keg has a 1/2″ ball valve on the front which connects to a straight diptube.  I also added a sight glass and thermometer.  The thermometer needs calibrated often so it isn’t used for more than an idea of the temperature.


With no pumps, the entire system is gravity fed.  To accomplish this, I have to prop my burner and keggle up on cement blocks.  You can also see I use a steel grate to better balance the keg and a small piece of steel as a heat shield so the fittings don’t melt.  My sight glass is a little warped from brewing once without it.


What’s more fun than brewing beer?  Drinking it, of course!  And if you’re going to drink, you should drink in style from a four tap keezer (kegerator freezer).  Yep, there are two IPA’s on tap.  That’s how I roll, yo!


What started out as a small corner full of equipment has slowly started to take over.  I’m sure you all can relate.


Ten Gallons of a Belgian Strong Dark Ale Fermenting
A collection of random beer stuff.  Notice the can of Rock and Roll Beer


Equipment Storage
Burner, Extra CO2 and some Kegs being cleaned


My “scaled down” collection of bottles
I need a lot of grain, apparently


My wife made my mash paddle for me
A close up of her work working skills


262133_10151330445035645_133271936_nA lot more of my friends drink a lot more of my beer now that it’s on tap, but that’s okay.  I don’t mind sharing.


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4 comments on “Show Your Stuff: Brian Salapek
  1. John OBrien says:

    Looks great Brian!

  2. thegreenlees says:

    Very nice – I like your idea of this blog.

  3. JustBrewIt says:

    Very Nice! Wish I was that organized. Love that Keezer! Wish I could dispense from 4 kegs at once. If I am going to get in on this blog series I am going to have to get organized first. Guess I will get started on that. lol

  4. Don Maier says:

    Great looking blog, Brian. I’m jealous of how neat you keep your equipment. LOL

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